When Your Server Says No

Had a bit of an issue this morning with the BBS Machine, aptly called core-mec03.messagingturbine.eu. The usual NAS file lock issue, combined with “forever since last reboot” which I’m sure may have been 2019. In the end it didn’t like my meddling with VNC, so I had to use the backup keyboard, mouse, and TV combo.

Movin dem Domains

After spending most of the day doing this : I repointed most of my domians over here, mmn.on.ca is now hosted here too, and I think I did a pretty good job.

The LiveJournal Archive Added

Ok, so I’m very quick to react to my own things. I did a mega import of all my old LiveJournal posts, so I guess I finally got that whole package here. There are some weird things, Disquis doesn’t seem to show, but not much I can do about that. And also all the slugs are the version from lj.gl, the wordpress blog I ran / run (depending on when you’re reading this).

The Partial End of Confinement

As of Monday, the confinement was lifted on France, but since we’re not a Green Zone there are still a lot of things closed.

Which after seeing the last two days is a pretty lucky strike. It’s like everything went back to pre-COVID, and rather concerningly I’m just expecting the second wave where we get to spend another two months cooped up in our appartments.

If anything that could put this into perspective is the video from Canal Saint-Martin taken on Monday, Parisiens giving zero fucks about social distancing.

Thanks Amazon

I never thought it was possible to have a package ruin your day, but then Amazon excelled at it in a rather surprising way.

I ordered a cat toy to keep Miss Fat-One occupied at times, got a discount and it was all good. Until today that is

I bet you’re fucking happy
Great job

After spending a good half hour pulling the box out of the mailbox, I finally got it out. Hooray, etc

Until I discovered that it was actually defective, all that for literally nothing. I contacted Scamazon with a pretty violent email, I got a call which was basically contact the seller cos it ain’t us and lol we’ll mention it to the delivery people.

Utile, merci les gars.

Not to be beaten by this event, I figured out what’s wrong, I basically need to glue Part A back to Part B. Easy, just no superglue, so that’s a thing I need to get tomorrow when Carrefour is back to normal hours, assuming, of course, Carrefour has it. Until then a little weight on top and it’s all good.

As one can see, little Miss is at least enjoying her thing, and that’s the important part.

Dealing with Kaja Today has been Interesting

Brought you you in the medium of text message.

[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: So Kaja saw another cat, one that just went a bit further than it should have because it’s in heat
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: Kaja blew down the closure
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: And went to fight this cat in it’s own territory
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: When I hear it I flew out the window
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: I’ve been in an hour long negotiation with this psychopath
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: Fucking all the neighbours coming down, watching, this fucking savage wild cat scream and wreck a broom
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: After throwing flowers off of this poor guys house, kids traumatised, I managed to knock her down enough rage pegs to corner her with a towel and disable her legs
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: Drag the little psycho back in, screaming the place down
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: She’s now focused her rage on me
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: I can’t sit or work
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: And she’s banned from her garden for at least 2 weeks to chill the fuck out
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: And all my neighbours now know me as the guy with a savage animal
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: I have to move
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: Change my name
[16:47, 21/04/2020] Kévin: Change my face

My Life, F it

Since then I discovered she managed to rip out two of her claws, and of course she’s still heinously angry, so next trauma is washing her foot and checking it in the morning, then the vet visit.

Oh the vet visit will be bloody. Probably mine.

The Boredom is Setting in

Other than my sleep cycle being utterly fecked up, during my waking hours I’m running out of things to find (other than smoking, and boy is that expensive when you buy in France).

I’ve been reading books, but generally when I do that I end up falling asleep at whatever random hour that might be. My TV is also now developing age issues, so the struggle is real trying to turn it on. At least my Freebox is responding to vocal commands (and no it’s not Alexa, but it is temperamental).

The blitz of working the new site was rather faster than I expected, still some things to do there, just not really a whole set of work to do to keep me fully occupied. ?‍♂️

As for Miss Kaja, she’s still doing her thing, mainly outside.

Making a Load of Changes

I started to get my shit together during what is now the fifth week of being locked in a box my home and getting all my online stuff in order.

The idea was to use a pretty good domain I found on backorder, ynn.org, getting a three-letter .org would have been the masterpiece, but instead some dipshit domain guru auction site got it. So it’ll never be available again, forever full of ads to buy it which nobody ever will.

But I digress, after reeling in from my perceived loss of the situation, I got my brain working. Granted it didn’t work well, since one of my ideas was Downtown. Yes, I now own dtne.org because that made a lot of sense.

I got thinking again, later, looking for a few combos, then I started to link things, and looked for uldl, upload download. To be fair in the early 90s I used to do more D/L than U/L, but it read right and uldl.org was available. I renamed my WordPress from it’s temporary name Project X (pjx.mmn.on.ca) which it turns out you don’t do that because it fucks everything up. A few rules in CloudFlare later, it’s somewhat fixed but still not quite working with my S3 upload system.

I started to move my domains over, I imported my huge post history from lj.gl to this new WordPress Multisite install at uldl.org, asked the gods at Jetpack to move over the subscription and voilà we’re here now.

Using the redirect plugin for WP over at lj.gl I’ve got everything redirecting. There are still some issues, since WP crashed out if I tried to import the media library, which is irrelevant anyways since all the images still live in the same Object space, but WP doesn’t give a shit and broke all the images for the lolz. There also seems to be a loss of about one thousand articles, somewhere, no idea what since the import was successful, but as I find them I’ll bring them over by hand.

After this cacophonie of hell was completed I’ve started moving in other sites, I’m kind of halfway through bbs.ec, I got phlog.bbs.ec over with no problems at all. The decision on that, was to move it into this journal rather than being its own thing. Which makes sense, since I want to control more where I post things.

Although all the other network sites have their own blog parts, I keep my various personal posts at journal.uldl.org mirrored with my Dreamwidth and LiveJournal and the other stuff that is more related to the « not really a personal post thing » I put in the uldl.org news section. I’m also working on a better menu system to fluidly switch between the networked sites. There will be some weird-ass shit for a while, no lies.

Some of the other good things about this arsery is that this site is hosted on a dedicated server with DreamHost, so it’s more reliable than the previous place I hosted lj.gl. I also have centralised where I keep all the contact forms to uldl.org directly, so I don’t have to piss around with too much nonsense.

I’m heading back to the grindstone on this one to finish off bbs.ec and drop in the redirections.

Domain Security

This was also posted to AQ.SB.

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning and the shut-in effect of the quarantine kicking in hard, I decided to do a few things.

It started off with cleaning out the air conditioner (spoiler : never do this) and it ended with a plan on securing up my domains.

Having had mmn.on.ca since the late 90s, spammers do try and forge the domain. Granted since 2018 I’ve had the DMARC policy set to quarantine (lol) and it seemed to have helped from seeing the DMARC reports but with all this COVID-19 SPAM I decided to do my part to prevent bullshit from propagating (and no, no matter what Karen from YouTube says, 5G does not propagate or cause COVID-19.)

I have my next set of core domains to be set to the reject policy very soon.

Right now mmn.on.ca has a pretty good score on deliverability on internet.nl at 87% (not having IPv6 mail servers does kick you down a bit, and ProtonMail hasn’t yet phased out some of the older TLS stock.

Previously I wasn’t able to have DNSSEC with my previous and long time registrar MyID.ca so I had to move it to a new one not long ago so I could implement that. I’ve also got to reimplement HSTS, but that’s a job for another day.

I Should Probably Write a Thing

Considering I have not much else to be doing here, you know, cuerentena, I figured I’d take some time out of my seriously busy day to write something about, well, anything at this point.

I took some time to start grabbing images off my phone, and updating some of my photo albums over at bbs.yt. One of the ones I did was the photos I took in Oslo, a very short-lived trip thanks to our friend Rona.

I’ve also been spicing up Miss Kaja’s garden in the evenings with a few candles here and there. She’s spending all her time out there as it’s quite warm, it’s very quiet, and she’s getting fed up of my existence in her space 24/7.

I’m still considering moving where this site is hosted, the server it’s on is rather slow, but then again WordPress is bloated so who knows. It probably won’t work out well regardless. Maybe I’ll check out DreamPress but it’s kind of expensive for a little blog that gets more SPAM than visitors. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Otherwise, I got a Kindle, it seemed like a good idea considering that there is only so much of trying to find shit on Farcebook and YouTube to read and watch. It’s worked out, I’ve gone through two books and started a couple of new ones.

I kind of started 1984 in French, I’ve seen the film but never read the book. Figured I probably should after all, but the one I’m getting into now is Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson, I’ve previously read her first book many moons ago, but also not that many days ago.

I also during this lockdown got Disney+ and blitzed through Season 30 of The Simpsons. It wasn’t that bad.