me and david went to 5ive last night and i got totally smashed…. at about 1:30 i walked up to a total stanger and started to dance and eventually spend the next two hours making out with him on the dancefloor.

at about 3:20 we left the club and of course the man who i spent quite sometime with walked away with my number :o)

then i called for a cab, i remember that i couldn’t stand up properly so i ended up falling down on my arse outside the club while i was on the phone with Beck Taxi. Then i called david who i told to fuck off a few times coz he wanted to talk to me while i was busy with Mark (the guy) and he came back to the club and we took the cab to then hotel where i passed out (eventually).

at 11:00 i woke up then i got sick/called a cab at 12:00ish.

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