Ahhhh, Real Monsters!

Well it’s sunday night and I am loving the
new place! Although I have no furniture of
any kind I still love it [grin]. Anyways, my phone is finally getting installed tomrrow… or should I say today at sometime in the day (but knowing bell it’s probably going to be next week) and do you want to know something crazy? well seeing as it’s an apartment there is already line and jacks in the walls and no actual cables have to be connected, so all that is required of Bell Canada Inc. is to do something at their office, but just guess how much it costs for them to do that. $59.00!!!!! do flip a switch and do nothing more, 59 damn dollars to do NOTHING!
insane, yes?

Also, my cable is being installed on Tuesday so I’m not allowed to leave the appartment from 12:00 to 13:00 tuesday afternoon.

Anways I must stop ranting and raving and leave you to peace. Cya xx

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