And God Rained Apon The Ignorant With The Hand Of Death…

Some stupid f—king dumbass mother f—ker decided to take it
upon them self and delete EVERY file I had on the school network,
then replace those documents (mostly essays, etc) with a f—king
15MB Windows 3.1.1. For Workgroups Swap file. Needless to say
I’m pissed off, as I had some VERY important files on the network,
now tomrrow I have to go into the Programming Lab (windows 3.1.1 machines general hide out) and search EVERY computer
for my files! (the network supervisor figures that the little hacker
might have been a dumbass and copied all my files to the C:\ drive)

And if I don’t find all those files you ask? Well I’ll just have to
beat the living s–t out of everybody in the school, because
I figure I’ll eventually find the person and if not half the
school will hunt him down and impale him on a popsicle stick
for getting all their asses whopped.

But thats just my happy day for you… feel free to comment.

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