I just sent this to the major three who are now charging extra to use bank machines to get more money (this is the orignal, I had to edit it because RBC doesn’t like profanity):

Dear Banks,

I would like to congratulate you on the « White Labeling » innovation,
without it students like my self would have much more money than we
deserve to have. You have prevented me from becoming an alcoholic as
I can no longer afford anything but water after I pay off all the service
charges on my bank account, you saved me from being fat as I can’t afford
anything but bread, you saved me from being a slut because I can’t afford
to go out to clubs, you saved me from getting a student loan because
I can no longer afford transit fare to goto school. I hope you keep
up the good work, maybe one day all I will be able to afford is a jar
where I will store my money so I can close my bank accounts and stop
funding your children’s cocaine use.

Thank you for robbing me in broad daylight, and may you accept a Royal
Fuck You.
-Kevin Welford-Costelloe
Angry Bank Victim, Toronto

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