Darr Harr Harr

So yeah, I’m using my laptop to connect to virgin (again) but this time I’m dialing up via my faboo O2 phone (which is costing me what ever the local call rate that is being charged on peak hours — 5p a minute I think, pah, I’ll find out when my bill comes in and my income is sucked out of my bank account) anyways, it’s running at 9600bps!

Well yeah thats a bit pants, but hey it works.

I’m also changing the post time to Eastern so I don’t have to wait 5 hours to make a post via WAP (I’ve got to contact the people who make it and see if one can manually change the time because it’s a pain in the arse getting those back date errors.

Well, this has taken me 15 minutes to download my email and get to this webpage, so thats probably cost me 75p.

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