Darr harr harr

Well now I’m out at Pyromania @ Cruz 101 (who supply these nifty computers!) and I’m sorta havin’ fun. The only reason I’m not totally out of it by now is because of that dodgy chinese food which decided to come back up for a visit in Sub 101’s finer stalls. So that was £8.99 down the drain (litterally I suppose).

Also just now it seems I was sitting in a: A) Alcohol spill, B) Barf Spill or C) Semen Spill [circle which apply].

Anyways, I found that lemonaide & a double vodka have the amazing ability to make me feel like re-throwing up already thrown up materials, so I’ll never ask for that again!

And also it seems I was only a few pence short of £12.50 coz I was denied when I asked for £10.00 cash back (they have to sell you a £2 bar voucher to get cash, and I think a 50p services charge) so I had to get £5 instead… fucking switch card ;o)

Anyways, thats about all from me for now coz the bacardi & archers are starting to make their way to my head and the Kylie isn’t really helping that (not that I’m complaining) ;o)

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