Dear Telus

Dear Telus,

I and everybody I have requested to visit are having problems accessing it due to DNS problems on *your* part. I have called into your Onebox support line yet you do not acknolege these issues and claim ‘everything is running perfectly fine’ yet I can no longer access my MyTO onebox which I AM paying for, I request you take actions now to fix the issues instead of pretend they don’t exist and blame my ISP. I can not receive mail at this point and I can not access what is already there. I have a small (and growing list) of ISPs which are having the same problem that you claim does not exist, this is why I have begun removing *ALL* Telus products I am subscribed to as you seem not to believe that there are any problems when there are MAJOR issues. I’m quite sick of this and I hope one day you go out of business so no other people have the misfortune of using your faulty products that you claim are ‘ok’. I demand an inquiry into this matter and I also would like my money back for this months use of my OneBox, I will be contacting my bank by the 1st of April and putting a stop payment on your fee unless something is done to resolve this issue.

Here is the list of ISPs that can not access

Rogers (entire network)
Telewest (United Kingdom)
Demon (United Kingdom)
Pipex (United Kingdom)
a University in Syndey (Australia)
Ryerson (Toronto, ON)
Sheridan college (York, ON)

Thank you for your time

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