Dublin Fun!

Well I’m in Dublin right now and it’s been… err…. entertaining!
last night I set out for a walk to, well anywhere and I got seriously lost!

I spent 3 hours trying to figure out where I was! So I had to call david
back in the UK and we spent 1 hour on the phone trying to get me back to my hotel….. did I mention that I forgot what the name of my hotel was?

So that was a blast, but now I’ve got myself lost again, well not really I am
on Lord Edward Street (or Sráid an Tiarna éadbhard) and I am looking for Dame Street, but I can’t find it (I wanna go shopping and I have to take Dame Street to get to Trinity College so I can then get down to Grafton Street and thats where all the shops are! (btw, I have got €31 left… well €29 after an hour at this internet cafe)

So thats all for me for now, feel free to sms me at +14168395075 while I am in Dublin and when I get back to the UK it’s back to +447986070894 🙂

edit: I *hate* these keyboards over here, everything is so different on them and it gets in my way!

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