Everybody is a retard

The most annoying thing about snow is that the entire country takes it upon itself to come to a complete stand still.

Trains stop working (wrong type of ice, snow, rain, etc), people who live under a mile away from work suddenly can't get in (but the rest of us seem to) and more annoyingly people lose the ability to drive.

I ask you, what the fuck people?  Who built the tracks in such a shit way that they're unable to cope with whatever they can't cope with, why the fuck can't you make a 5 minute walk to work you lazy bastard and why the fuck do you think that 20mph is a reasonable speed to hide the fact you're a fucking incompitent driver?



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  1. but it’s just so snowy and lovely. who wants to go to work when there’s a perfect little excuse just begging to be used??

  2. Don’t get me wrong, skiving off work is something I do best, however, you’ve got to be realistic if you can see where you work from the end of your road you have no excuse, especially with people like me who drive in from 30 miles away regardless of what obstacles stand in my path.

    In hindsight I really shouldn’t have bothered coming in today, it’s decent out and my drive home is going to take me until next thursday.  But it’s a bit late now to be saying such things, instead I spend the time hating the jerks who have and also the jerk who sprayed me with sludge from the road as he passed in his 7.5 tonne landrover discovery as I went to use the postbox.

  3. [this is good] wow that is really sad.. it wasn’t even that bad when I was last there and it snowed.. then again it wasn’t that bad.. when was the last time you had to drive in snow.

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