hey people type people.
guess what… if you have not figured i am quite drunk and i figured i might post here….
tonight I went out with eric & frank… I mer frank @ The Hair Of The Dog on Church and Wood b4 meeting up w/Eric at the same location… then me and eric walked to 5ive and ended up dancing for a bit, and when eric left I went to the bar (yay) and found a nice boy who pinched my ass so I’m like « yeah » and we dancd for a bit and hen I thought he was a rent boy so I fucked off to the washroom to take a little wee-wee and then I went upstairs and got another smirnoff ice, but I couldn’t finish it coz I was fucked up royally so I got my coat and I left….. I ended up waiting for the Bloor-Danforth bus, got it eventually took it to bathurst but I messed the fucking bathurst bus so I had to wait 30 minutes clutching to a fucking pole and I realised by the time I got to Bathurst and St.Clair that my pants were undone since I left 5ive, coz that hot guy played with my balls for a bit, but thats not the issues…… anyways, when I got to st.clair I ran accross to the west side of the street and rolled over when I got there.,…. hahahahhahaha… anyways, then I staggarded home and that was it!

hahahahahahaha, anyways I’\m gonna pass out soon, so fuck off~1
yeah thats it, emaill me and we’ll ahve s and lots of it!

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