Fun in the big city

Well today was quite intresting….

First I wake up at 14:45(?) and I *slowly* get dressed, until my mobile rings and it’s Mark
who was just around the corner and he’s coming over to pick me up so we can do something before he goes to work. So now it’s about 15:15 (Mark called at 15:10) and he’s rang me again « I’m parking the car open the backdoor » and I’m like « But I’m still getting dressed » and he’s like « So your naked, let me in » (He’s aflicted with heterosexuality so don’t get any ideas) and I’m like « Ok, hold on » I throw on a shirt and my pants open the door, let him in then go into my room and finish getting ready. Then after like 10 minutes he says he’ll be back in the car, so I’m running about now and I did a shitty job on my hair, but that’s not anything to worry about now girls ;). So after I’m already and grabbed my bag I run out to his car and he’s got a friend (Nadine[?]) who he has kept waiting alone in the car (usual Mark), so he does his normal introduction « Kevin, Nadine, Nadine, Kevin »

So after that intro we’re off to his place (Bathurst and Harbord) of course in the usual Mark style we’re going 100 clicks [not actually 100kmh] down Bathurst (myself and Nadine are used to his driving so we no longer fear death when Mark is driving) and within 5 minutes (normally a 10 minute drive @ legal speeds) we’re there. So we get in and Mark reveals what he wanted to do before work…… build his computer desk (normally I’d be angry, but with Mark it’s the norm for him to do this, plus I’ve known him for too long to have him killed).

So I’ll skip to the end of the time I’m at his house coz building the desk was so fun (not), but continuing…. so we’re in the car again and he’s going to drop me off at the library coz I had books waiting and of course in my totally queeny way I have no fucking clue where it is, I’m like « it’s at Dupont and Smith » he’s like ok, and of course we get upto Dupont, and he’s like « Where now? », so confused me says « Left, no right, left… Right! »
so we go right and THEN I realise it’s not « Smith St. » it’s « Shaw St » and of course it’s not on Dupont and Shaw, it’s on Davenport and Shaw (duh).

So after all that confusion me, Mark and Nadine part, I walk into the library under the impression I have books (plural) waiting, I find out I only have one book, a very small book and I didn’t need to drag my knapsack with me all day! So I get my stupid book (On Our Own Terms: A Practical Guide To Gay And Lesbian Relationships — due back April 10th) and the lady says « Do you want to pay off your fines? », I’m thinking to myself, why not I’ll never come back here for another year or so. So I give her a $20 and she doesn’t have change… Librarys are soo pathetically poor.

Now, I’m on my way to that internet cafe to chill abit (It’s on Queen and Irwin[?]) and I sit there and wait for to call me so I know when to meet him at Union Station. So around 18:30ish he calls from Eglinton West Station and I start walking down to Union, I get at Union and wait only to find that he’s been waiting in the VIA Rail part of Union (Not the TTC part) so I go up there and meet up with him and Rob and we head off to East Side Mario’s.

Seeing as eating is quite boring I’ll skip it, later in the dining experience we notice there’s an OCAP protest, so of course I call into work and find out if we’ve got people there (I’m such a tv fag ;p). And Rob is on the phone seeing if we can get into Varsity cinemas for free ;). So we leave East Side Mario’s and head off to the cinema, we get there and of course get in for free (we decided to see Ice Age), so we just chill out and wait for the flick and they’re having problems in the projection booth and about 30 minutes later they boot us all out with courtesy coupons (yay!).

Now, we’re thinking of what to do and then decide on going to the Second Cup on Church and Wellesley, we chill there for a bit then head down to an un-named pub (to protect them from the LLBO and the City Of Toronto incase a civil servant is reading this) and I have this really weird drink which was appearently created yesterday (and so was the price, it was $7!!!!) So after all that we all head off in our different ways and I come home and do Laundry and make Kraft Dinner…. The End

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