Fun night in paradise

Tonight was quite intresting, first off Scott called me up sometime in the day and left a message on my answerphone and said something (I can’t remember and deleted the message) about 5ive tonight. So of course I went (I’d be a bad club slut if I refused to goto a club). So I met them at Yonge and Bloor and we waited for Sean, but got bored and went off to the Second Cup just south of Bloor and we did our own little thing until the club opened @ 9pm, so when we get into the club we’re the only five (Myself, Scott, Brad, Sean and Gary) in the club. Eventually more trickle in by 11pm and of course as a small group of people form I get Brad & Gary to come up to the dancefloor and get them to dance. This brings on a few people to the dancefloor which was fab… but the second we left for a break everybody goes back and sits down… the samething happened a second time…. but on the third time that we’re up just dancing away having fun being totally gay this slimey twat decides that he (who has been sitting down since he’s got into the club) has the right to critique us and says « You guys suck, get off the dancefloor ».

I didn’t realise what he had said until we went back to our little corner and then I get bitchy about it…. skipping foward a bit me and Brad get back on the dancefloor and *minutes* later everybody (exept Mrs. Hypocritical Generic Whiney Bitch and her fans) rushes on to the dancefloor. That was the BEST part of the night!

Anyways, we all eventually leave and myself and Sean head off on our own to Manhattan Club and see « Black Divas Live » until about 3am (the show was FABOO!!!!!!!!!!!).

That was pretty much all the night there…

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