Well tonight was interesting, first off I should mention I’m ticked off at
and this is why, I was going to see the SEASON FINALE of Queer As Folk
at Woody’s and I really wanted to come coz it’s the last episode AND
lets not forget I’m leaving next tuesday. So when I called him he’s like « oh I’m not coming, we’re going to see a movie » I’m thinking WTF movies run ALL THE FUCKING TIME
and this is a one off thing, which really pissed me off, but hey what does it matter?

So later on (about 3 minutes actually) when I’m expressing my distaste to about the incident I get on a streetcar to
get to Yonge St & Dundas and this fucking driver has the nerve to tell *me* to watch
my language, so I’m thinking EXCUSE ME JACKASS I pay an over fucking priced fare to keep your ass from striking so you can FUCK OFF and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Anyways, when I got to Woody’s I found Mark and a few of his friends and
ended up enjoying myself in light of other circumstances.

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