Holy… shit….

After I got back from picking David up from Pearson and dropping hm off at his hotel, I went home, the entire subway ride was ok, but because I missed the streetcar I went out to walk home (like I’ve done tonnes of times before) but this guy started to follow me, so when he wasn’t looking my way and I was a bit in front of the car I pulled out my mobile and called 13th Division (I should have gone thru 911 as they transfered my call over there) and hid it in my hand with the flip open and my finger on the send key…. then at about St. Clair and Bathurst when it looked like he was about to get out of his car on the corner, I pressed the send key and quickly hurried down an alley way (in hindsight I should have jumped onto the #7 bus and went south as fast as I could). When I got connected to the police I said « This guy is following me in his car I just wanna be on the line with the police just incase anything happens », so the officer on the line diverted me to ‘dispatch’ (911) and I gave the lady all my details, where I was, closest intersection, how close to my house I was, what the guy looked like, his car colour (which I think I got wrong because I couldn’t think of the word for that colour), etc. She said she’d send some officers out in the area and look out for him and they might stop by later (although she called me again and asked if I needed the officers, I said no coz I’m in the house now, but even still they might come by incase).

Now I’m sitting in my room with my cat typing this with my mobile and cordless phone inches from me and I also abandonned the idea of buying food at 7-11.

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