IRHS Where The People Suck @$$

It seems that I am always wrong here,
you know with certain things like finances for
a class project, my partner says that our float
was an expense for our record of revenue, I put
it down as a revenue because if it was an expense
it would end up being $20.00 from $0.00 which
would be -$20.00, am I correct? Anways, we made
a profit of $25.50 from sales that day and she
claims that our profit would be $45.50…. but
wait, seeing as our float was an expense we
are listed as $20.00 inb the hole, so our balance
to that point would be $5.50 and not $45.50.
As I mention that and argue it nicely she says
« Figure it out yourself, I’m leaving » and she
storms out all pissed off for being wrong herself.

Really, if I haven’t already lost you out
in the land of finances you’d see my point
that $25.50+$-20.00=$5.50. But I won’t argue
other peoples insanity.

(btw, if you want to see the document, login
to the community (link boxes on various pages)
and goto the files section, it is called JonesSoda.doc)

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