John Q

I saw John Q today and I must say what a generic american film, really. Heres the plot summary:

lovable kid has hart problem, evil hmo & hospital refuse to give kid heart, kid gets sick and almost dies, father goes into evil hospital and holds hostages threatens to kill many, cops try to kill him later to find the media hacked into their video feed and they did it on national tv, father says he’ll kill him self and demands doctor give kid heart, hosp. gets heart, wife stops him in mere seconds (only after the safety on the gun saved him the first time), kid gets better, father on trial, the end.

So all is well, kid gets heart, arnie kills many columbians and good ol’ american boy kills russian tyrant.

Well I’m off to check they washer, maybe the clothes are ready for the dryer…. btw, I have to get up for work @ 10:30am 😉

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