Letter To Telus


In our earlier conversation you said that
You would have the information by the end of the business day (assumed 5pm MT) it is now 7:40pm ET and as of yet there hasn’t been any information from your office.

We now have two options:
a) you get me in direct contact with your IT department.
b) you extend the required date from May 8th to something a bit more reasonable with the amount of time that is being taken on your end.

Also on may 12th i will be leaving the country until the 21st so i will not be as easily contactable as i am now, so i suggest we expediate this transfer, or if any phone correspondance is required between the 12th and 21st as a result of TELUS’ slowness I will invoice TELUS for the amount of the phone call from Canada to the UK (roaming rates are charged upto $3.45/min depending on the network).

I hope you will hurry in this matter.

NRG Online.

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