QotD: Not Allowed In The Cart

What item(s) do you have to prevent yourself from buying at the grocery store? 
Submitted by Places Unknown.

Sugary objects.  In fact I have to do this even more so now, my root canal tooth hurts when I eat anything like sweets or chocolate, so I kind of have to cut these things out of my diet and also fizzy drinks with sugar, so that's been fine as I only drink the diet stuff (which has no sugar) or the sugar free versions.  It was horrid at first but hey I got over it now I can deal with it.


QotD: Repeat After Me…

How have people mispronounced your name?  How is it supposed to sound? 
Submitted by Lorie.   

Well less mispronounciation and more "can't spell it for shit", I have a uber posh double barrel surname, but nobody can spell the bastard thing.  Worse was the DVLA sending me back my licence in the name of KEVIN WELFORD-COSTELLOS, to add to the horror that turned an 'E' in to an 'S' they put my year of birth down as 1943.  In the eyes of the DVLA I was a war baby, although I think the lack of elderly on my photo might have shown them something.

QotD: Rubbing Elbows

Have you ever met any celebrities? Any interesting stories?
Submitted by Tasha.

Not really, but everytime I go out in Bristol I seem to run in to the woman who plays Comfort on Casualty, it's like I'm stalking her without intent.  Also I saw the chap who plays Adam on Spooks at Oxford Circus tube station on Saturday, which was also random.