I laugh at your pain and stomp on your kittens.

Oh Internet can you feel my excitement of this glorious American election time?  It's a bit of a shame that I've be disconnected from the hive (seeing as I don't have a radio in the car and I barely watch the tell-o-vision now days).

But images like these remind us all that crazy politicians raise crazy children who should be humiliated on my internet for the collective amusement of all involved.

Oddly enough though, for a man with views that would put the watery whore who threw Arthur his famous sword so many years ago, he at least has the decency to dress his family according to the time they seem to be living in.

Kind of makes the Amish look progressive.

On another note speaking about the Amish, with all that nasty business that happened a while back, it made me appreciate that not all devout followers of X religion can be twisted people, as a society I think the Amish could teach us something about community and not being such pricks to each other.

/END random.