Tweaks and Changes

I have done a few jigs and changes over this evening to this site, since I’m currently in the process of really resmashing in to something else. With that it means most of the links there are now dead as I’m doing all of this.

You might have noticed that the reCaptcha icon is now irritatingly everywhere, I’m not sure how to turn it off, but it’s because the contact form is back in place. I’ve also remade the about page here, there is a redirect on over to this site.

For now it seems logical, and if you’re wondering, yes, that is indeed a copy paste job from my LiveJournal Profile, you know, since why not.

If anybody is wondering why the BBS is inaccessable right now, it’s because my internet is offline, I’ve been living the 3G life for the past few weeks and it’s not the dream.

Although there are other life changes that I will happily share later on 😀

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Today has been a success in nothing.

Other than writing my almost epic post of last and a few odd mistaken/test posts, I haven’t done a whole lot today.

I’ve learned one thing though making a post with and then modifying it with the iPhone client is a bit of a bad move. It took me almost half an hour to fix it. I’d normally moan, but I ain’t got anything better to get up to today!

I’ve also spiced up my journal theme, it needed a change after a year of the last one.

The only other thing I’ve done is enjoy the French diet of coffee and fags, without the fags.

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There appears to be a long post about things.

Holy recap batman! There are many things that I need to write about but haven't got around to doing it before now, but here I is writing and typing like it's back in style.

I shall take you back to a time, a time early on in the existance of man. We shall call it the 1st April 2012.

It was the day that Steve popped down to Bristol for the day, the weather was fantastic and we had a bit of a walk about on the waterfront and up through one of the more finest parks Clifton could provide. We ended up going to Nando's which is conincidently the first time I have passed through the doors of a Nando's (I'm a late starter clearly).

It was all a rather enjoyable day in all.

Since then it's been one thing after another, I had a really bad time when my rear tyre on my bike went and with that plus the 3 months of broken arm, physio and the torrential rain that started to fall shortly after I had to commence my 3 mile walk to work. Life was a bit shit from there onwards.

I did quite enjoy the Easter Weekend though after the bike was fixed, I managed to do a couple big cycles over that weekend. The first was to Avonmouth and the following day was a failed attempt at both Pill and Servern Beach. The first one to Avonmouth turned out to be a 30km journey and the second being a 40km journey, which is a rather good run for the weekend.

Although since then MapMyRide is being so judgemental telling me my riding is 22% down from last week and being a failure at life. Win some, you lose some.

The other news is that I have my birthday coming up, not really looking forward to that at all but at least I'm arranging to have some drinks and night out like it's the end of time itself. On a more amusing note, since i have been on this LiveJournal since 2000, have a look at the shit I wrote on my 18th Birthday. I shall post more about this shortly.

Oh also, I'm trying to flog a phone for I require funds.

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General Updatery.

This is my third week of not doing anything at all and having no routine. I can tell you this is starting to really wind me up but the end is nigh!

I honestly don’t know how people do this on a long term basis, it totally gets you down as there is not a whole lot of achievement in your day. I also found that I’m gaining weight rather rapidly as I’m just eating for the sake of eating. Boredom eating one could say.

I’ve also got some serious backache from all this being it various states of lethargic, which isn’t pleasant at all.

I’ve also had another offer for the car this weekend, £600 which isn’t great but at the same time with no way to pay my bills next month (I at least have the rent sorted on a dual yet meagre pay packet) I might have to accept it.

The problem of course is that it’s nearly 2 grand under my asking price but also my asking price was 2 grand under the market value. I also didn’t want to have to live off the sale of the car and I really wanted to throw it in to an emergency savings account, but it seems that won’t be happening now.

Oh well!

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The Long Long Long Wekend!

This weekend has been long for more than one reason, on Friday it was of course Wedding Day so up at 8am to watch it all go down (but not by choice).

About midday I started to chat with somebody online and agreed to meet up for a few drinks at the next door pub, which was cool. But it all ended early hours with a whole lot of drink down me and a storming headache in to Saturday.

After waking up multiple times through out the night and at one stage feeling like I had to take a few minutes with the loo I got up for real at about midday. This of course didn’t mean the hangover left me until about 8pm.

But since my body was making a point I was in between sleeping and consciousness all afternoon and I recall at one stage waking up and looking at my watch before decreeing «I’m missing hours!» and out i went again.

Clearly I was not made for alcohol.

Today has been equally wasteful waking up about 11am and trying to handle the crap that was Channel 5’s normally awesome schedule. Now I’m sat here on my jack jones waiting for The Walking Dead to hit my screen.

I live such a high speed life! Oh and it’s my Birthday on Tuesday which as per usual I have no plans for. I might treat myself to a bottle of Lambrini and find a man to give me babies before I turn 30 and this shit gets depressing.

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Happy Tuesday!

So hey tuesday, what’s happening miss thing?

Here is my check-in, I lost the battle for control of Tesco’s wine street and I ain’t having it. I’m going to get that mayorship back even if I have to hunt people down. That’s my turf. It’s like the Crips and Bloods back in the day but with smartphones.

I found since upgrading Spotify my favourite mix crashes my phone. Not cool.

And my new mouth wash makes you mouth taste like a badger’s rectum.

All these things mean BAD TIMES.

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