Oh Look…

It seems this is my third post today…. anyways seeing as I don’t care I’ll continue….

Right now I’m attempting to find a song that was mixed into my Ratty song « Sunshine » and the lyrics were « angel……… angel………angel…….angel » with of course fab dance music under it. But KaZaA seems not to want to do anything so fcuk it!

Anyways, last night me and Josh created this weeks newest episode of Misadventures, which
by-the-way was filmed in Jacksonville, Flordia — or so I’m telling the government
coz some of the minor explosives we used are illegal within Canada unless it’s Victoria Day or Canada Day.

I’m also trying to go next week (starting Monday Dec 3rd) without drinking Coca-Cola (or softdrinks in general), I’m doing this because I’ve gone completely MAD! 😉

Thats all for now, you can stop reading now.

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