It seems I might be a bit sunburned! I didn’t notice but I’m a bit more on the red side, so I went to shoppers drugmart (one block south of Younge and Bloor) and guess how much the total was for a small bottle of sunscreen INCLUDING taxes (15.00%). It was $10.34 for this tiny little bottle of sunscreen, amazing isn’t it how expensive so little of a product can be. But oh well not much I can do about it now.

I also finally went to the Telus Mobility store (35 Bathurst Street – Two blocks South from King and Bathurst) which has only mike products to get my stupid battery replaced (it was not holding a charge for long), so now thats done.

And I haven’t bothered trying to call the old fool yet, but I called my school and got them to bitch at her for kicking me out of the house by friday, and the kicker is I have nowhere to move to, so I’m going to her son’s house (step father) and laying down the law by saying that his house is now my house because his mother is being a total bitch and he has to take responsability for that.

Anyways, expect frequent updates on this matter.

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