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Podcast Video Here: http://monkeybox.vox.com/library/video/6a00c225236c0b8fdb00cd9783eadef9cc.html

I think I might do one a day but only publish weekly as it takes bleeding ages to put together and also I think it's entirely possible to lose the plot with the size of the files. So I'll do phone posts internittently then the big one on Sat or Sun as it seems most logical.


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  1. I think your podcasts are brilliant!  OK so it was only a Tescos moment today but tomorrow is another day and there will be SOMETHING that grabs your notice to report in a video.  If your work is ANYTHING like mine, (and it does sound that way) there will definatly be something that happens of note to broadcast.

    Iam way too much the feathered bird that craps eggs from its bum to do one myself, so extra helping of respect goes to you!

    By the way, is that a pigeon on your car???? 

  2. Thanking you kindly!

    The bird was formerly a seagull which in it’s brilliance decided it best to attempt a landing on the carriage way of the M4 (around Slough I think it was).  I saw it landing, it saw me then I heard « PHWOMP » and expected to see something grim on the road behind me.  But I didn’t and thought nothing of it until I traumatised a people carrier full of children with my new pet.  Which I must say was comedic gold.

    In the end it did get a burial (after I left it there for about three days to show off my hunting prowess) as it was grey bin day.

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