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This is what happens when you ask a logical question to the God Hates Fags people. You may notice this is « Rev » Phelps little bitch….errr…wifey.

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What has happened in your life that you are taking up time and energy asking
whether bi-sexuality is a good thing? Has it ever occurred to you that you
could live your entire life without dabbling in such nonsense?

The Bible is plain about what sex is allowed. The marriage bed – between
one man, one woman, for life – is undefiled. Everything else is defiled.

So get out of the gutter and elevate your dialogue to something important.
The affairs of mankind are on the brink of being wrapped up, and the Judge
is even at the door. It’s time to get serious, humble yourself before the
mighty hand of God, fear God and keep his commandments. Instead of
chattering like some goofy soap opera character.


Margie Phelps

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