‘ros, hetties, breeders/breeder scum (take your pick)

I’ve come to the conclusion that heterosexuals (now defined as hetties) are sick immoral people who decided it’s ok to make a discusting scene on subways, streetcars and the bus I have to ride to get home. Why won’t the government do something about these people and their discusting acts of ‘love’. Which brings me to another point, they can’t ‘love’ all they do is go around and have sex in public places where children can see. Canada has gone down the drains thanks to these people.

I’m not heterophobic at all, but I wouldn’t want *them* to hit on me, or try to recruit me or even have a parade and call them selves « normal »!

(Editors note: It sounds like a rant, but guess what I’m sick of hearing shit like this so hey I figure it’s about time I spread hate and lies about hetties. It seems only fair)

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