Royal Bank makes a feeble attempt to validate their reasons

Dear Mr. Welford-Costelloe:

We have received your message regarding the convenience fee charged to
non-Royal Bank clients for using a Royal Bank banking machine.

As mentioned in our previous communication please note that the ‘convenience
fee’ is for the facility provided for using a Royal Bank machine, while
still being able to deal with your preferred bank, which may not offera
banking machine in your area. The decision on fees is taken by the
management due to logistics and costs involved with servicing high volume
banking machines and to serve, as may clients as possible.

Thank you for your message, Mr. Welford-Costelloe. Please do not hesitate
to contact us again through this message centre or by phone at
1-800-769-2555 (collect at (506) 864-1555 outside of Canada and the U.S.),
if we may be of further assistance.


Himadri Dalal
Agent ID: 3888
RBC Royal Bank

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