Royal Bank Sayz

Dear Mr. Welford-Costelloe:

RBC Royal Bank has made a business decision to introduce this new
convenience fee. By paying a nominal fee, non Royal Bank customerscan
also enjoy the convenience of using this machine, while still being ableto
deal with their preferred bank, which may not offer a banking machinein
this area. If there is a bank machine owned and operated by your financial
institution you may want to consider using it to avoid the service fees
applied for not using one of their machines.

Thank you for your message, Mr. Welford-Costelloe. Please do not hesitateto
contact us again through this message centre or by phone at 1-800-769-2555,
if we may be of further assistance. (If you are outside of Canada orthe
United States call us collect at (506) 864-1555).


Agent ID: A5069S1
RBC Royal Bank

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