Scam artists

Toronto scam artists are totally loosing their touch, like the two dollar lady (she demands/begs you to give her two bucks and will latch onto you until you give her money… and she can be seen in $200 pink track pants) or this newbie lady on St.Clair who says one of her siblings/in-laws/parents had been killed/injured in a car accident.
and she desperatly needs money for a cab/greyhound fare to go there.

Last time her daughter was killed in a car crash on McCowan Rd in Scarborough and she insisted she must take a $30 cab ride at my expense, instead I gave her an adult ticket for the subway and directions to the stop. This time tho it was her sister and she claimed that she only lived in the city for a week…. but amazingly she tried to hit me up for money in November! People are soooooo stupid

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