I’ll save my $9.95 and die of a tumor thank you very much

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> Do you use a cell phone?
> Are you aware that the electromagnetic waves that come
> from your cell phone could be correlated to brain cancer!
> Cell Phones are commonplace in todays society.
> Now the truth is coming out. Thousands of scientists are now
> warning manufacturers, the media, and governments of health
> dangers caused by electromagnetic waves from cell phones.
> Soon the Cellular Communications Industry Association will
> start publishing the amount of radiation that enters your
> head when using various wireless phones. Soon Cell manufacturers
> will be required to put warning labels on cell phones. This is
> already required in many countries.
> ABC’s 20/20 News (May 26, 2000) took the five most popular phones
> sold in the US and tested them at a highly respected German laboratory.
> Four out of the five phones tested were above the SAR limit. One thing
> is for certain, similar to the case of cigarette smoking, it will take
> several tests and many years before the effects of radio frequency
> radiation on the human body are known.
> We sell a product that reduces the electromagnetic waves.
> Best of all our product is only $9.95.
> Your safety is obviously important. Be safe and take a look at
> our product. It is brand new, easy to use, fits every cell phone,
> and is very affordable.
> If you are interested in cell phone safety or would like more info
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