The Breakage is Intentional

I’m moving in to the world of since I’ve got the Twatter and the Mastodon on the go. It seems reasonable to also be able to hold on to my own content (see that time I did it with LiveJournal by accident), albeit third-party hosted.

In the process of migrating, I repointed over to my site and with HSTS switched on, it did not appreciate that at all.

All one can do is wait for the cert to be issued and my long-time domain will be doing something on it’s own again (I recently had it repointed to cos I ran out of ideas).

2 commentaires sur “The Breakage is Intentional

  1. Being a person of few words, I’m interested in Micro blogging. I’ll be in touch as soon asI learn more about it (I’m always the last one on the block to hear things).

    1. It’s handy when you just want to do a little something without the song and dance of a blog post. It’s basically what Twitter was before it went « crazy people shouting in to the void »

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