Being poor sucks, you can’t do anything including taking out books froma Library coz you owe them $4.75! Bumfuckery this blows goats (Baaaaaaah)!

ohh, today I goto some « Old Spice High Endurance Red Zone Anti-perspirant » because I ran out of my other stuff and I had no other choice but to buy it
or I’d smell like a subway all day.
And yes I know thats the most pathetic thing to post, but thats all the fun I had

I also wish I was annorexic because it would save me a lot of money in food, but my body has this thing where it must eat… I also wish I had wings so I could fly to school, that would save me alot in TTC Fare, but then I’d look like a freak.

Whatelse, I’ve got running, no idea on what I’m gonna do with it just yet tho.

Um whatelse, ah yes this thing in Durham, the school board/principal are a bunch of homophobic fuck up who deserve to have their heads removed with a plastic knife…. (this also includes the 44% of people who voted at saying he shouldn’t be allowed to bring his bf to the prom). Full Story @

My back also hurts…..

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