Updates from beyond!

As you can probably tell I’ve been quite busy with my journal, first off I’ve pointed vodka.nrgmedia.biz to it (I’ll soon be buying a new domain for it, I *love* my switch card!). Secondly I’ve gone back to Refried Paper, which I stopped using for a bit coz it went all dodgy on me. But now it seems to work without problems. I’ve modified quite a bit, you’ll notice that the Comments link has changed to « £X.99 in the bank, so make a deposit » (the ‘X’ is the number of comments, so 3 comments is £3.99) you’ll also notice the same (sort of) on my friends page, but instead of it being X.99, it’s X.57.

Another wonderful add-on is the « Text » header, it’s away of sending me text messages BUT if you plan on using the o2 option you NEED to register and I think you can only do that if you’re in britian (they have to verify your mobile number to send messages). As for the email option, we’ll at the mo’ it’s a bit dodgy, I haven’t got alerts just yet and the WAP interface is buggered up so I can only check ’em at home. Btw, I forgot to mention you NEED to know my mobile number to use the txt feature from o2 online. And the number is 07734 653 887.

Anyways, I’m going to be working more on this and I’ll let ya know more as it goes on. I’ll probably register the new domain tomrrow or the day after (when ever I can unload the 12 quid into my bank account).

Thats it for now….

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