Waiting, Hating.

It’s been a long old three weeks my friend, my bank account being more bare than my cupboards. I have had to get very, very creative in what I have been eating.

Then there is the not being able to smoke thing, mix that with not eating and quite frankly I’m shocked that people around me still be breathing. Although I did throw a pot across the room, because it dared not to stay on the shelf.


Although I have planned to go crazy in Burger King later tonight, whether or not I can afford it, I do not care. One needs a burger and bacon fries.

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  1. Off Topic: Your MMN BBS is very clean and smooth. When the Internet came to be, and about the time you put up your BBS, I earned my amateur radio license and went with the flow. I’m just now found my way back to the BBSes and I am pleased. Delighted.

    1. There is a surprisingly large BBS community out there, in various forms, some of them are classic version BBSes (you can find loads on http://www.bbs.guide, telnetbbsguide.com or alt.bbs.ads on usenet), communities that started as a BBS, like The Well (well.com – paid but if you like I can invite you to try for free) or SDF.org which is a shell service but with some old school pull over boards / chat areas.

      Then there is a new idea that oribtalfox.eu came up with, a private NNTP service with only local groups but publically available via registration to keep the spam, trolls, etc out.

      It’s really interesting how after Facebook, Twitter and FOMO, we’ve decided to drop back to the classic to the text based method of just discussing and communicating, which was the idea of the internet before it turned in to this commericialised monster it is today.

      You’ll also find a lot of overlap between the BBSes and amateur radio groups, have a poke around some of the systems that are out there and you can find the one where you fit in best 🙂

      1. Kevin – How the decision for text only came about?

        First I’m an old man. So is my wife. 81 and 76, respectively. She has survived two heart attacks and is now slipping into Alzheimer’s. We’ve been married 57 years and I’m not ready to pawn her off to a nursing home.

        In order to keep her at home our house has become a quiet zone. I write a lot of ham radio fiction. (Been a ham 32 years) In the past six years I’ve published 68 ham radio yarns in the K9YA Telegraph e-magazine – not the radios, the people spinning the knobs. That’s quiet stuff, but I need more. She and I made a quilt last year. She embroidered 64 quilt blocks and I stitched them together and finished it. What a job that turned out to be! She’s not able to do that this year. She naps on the sofa and does word search on an iPad.

        I’m a social person. Last year I donated two HF radios to my local American Legion Post, built the station, and got the FCC call sign. But she can’t be left alone now. Telnet BBSes will provide activity quiet activity for me.

        Scott aka Scooter

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